“We make non-interventionist wines without compromising on quality”


Balance is everything, and we enjoy every moment we have put into establishing our little winery. We enjoy being creative and expressing ourselves while simultaneously ploughing back into the industry and community.

how our unique creations are made

We are part of a new wave of winemakers that take bold risks to push the boundaries of flavour and quality with every bottle from start to finish. Our efforts pay off – we have seen great success at local wine festivals and boutique bottle stores.

No filtration


By not filtering our wines we are ensuring that the flavour profiles of the wines are not changed. Large commercial producers would almost always filter their wines as it lowers the risks involved in the wine making process.

Whole bunch fermentation


Whole bunch fermentation and extended skin contact ensure that natural tannins and flavours are imparted to the wines.  This is generally frowned upon by large commercial wineries as the quality of the grapes need to be impeccable for these techniques to be employed successfully. We sort ours by hand to make sure they are of the highest quality.

Alternative vessels


We like to use alternative vessels such as clay amphora to make and store our product. These tend to be avoided by traditional commercial wineries, but we consider them essential tools in our armoury.

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